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17-18th May, 2019, Barcelona

Innovate ELT 19


InnovateELT is five years old. To celebrate our half-decade, we want to invite our wonderful community of ELT professionals to stop the clock and take stock of where ELT is going.

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Build your own LMS with WordPress

There has been an undoubtable leveling of the playing field in eLearning over the last ten years, with eLearning tools and delivery platforms becoming more widely accessible in terms of cost and choice. This trend has been matched by an equally impressive growth in the number of teachers dipping their toes into course and content development – a trend that is particularly evident in the language field. So what’s a budding course developer’s best option for sharing his or her creations with the world and building an online business? The obvious answer is to use an LMS (Learning Management System)....
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Power to the Teacher

With the iELT conference just a month away (Barcelona May 6th and 7th) find out what the Innovate ELT Team think of teacher power and take our Jedi Power Quiz to find out if the force is really with you. What teacher wouldn’t want some more power? But what do we mean by power and what forms can it take? The title of this year’s Innovate ELT conference has created some controversy. The themes we listed in the original announcement (intended as examples, not an exhaustive list) included gender equality, the “non-native” teacher question, workers’ rights and entrepreneurship. Duncan Foord...
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