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iELT20 Friday Workshops: this year’s lineup 

Make the most of your iELT20 weekend

Our inspiring pre-conference Friday workshops at IELT2020 are confirmed! With the conference programme being announced soon, we wanted to give you a little taster of what’s to come.

When?  9.30 am to 2 pm on Friday 18th September

Where? Oxford TEFL, Barcelona,  Diputació 279, 08007 Barcelona

These four-hour workshops are a chance to explore an area of education in depth, with the guidance and expertise of an industry professional. You’ll come away with the practical tools to effect change in your classroom and school community. 

With sessions on video and story, learning design, dyslexia in the classroom and sustainability, there’s plenty to be inspired by. Join a Friday Workshop session to expand your knowledge and skills, meet expert trainers and start the conference weekend off with a bang! Read on to find out what’s on offer and choose the best session for you. And hurry, pre-conference tickets always sell out fast!

  • Workshop 1. Learning Design Jam with Jo Sayers and Lucy Williams

The first part of this workshop focuses on what the evidence tells us about how to set up the best conditions for learning, and what this means for teachers and learning designers. In the second part of the workshop, you’ll undertake some live learning challenges and use a set of practical tools to design valuable, impactful learning experiences that meet those challenges.

By the end of this session, you’ll have a set of key pedagogical principles for learning design; a set of tools to help apply these principles; and the experience of using these tools to co-create a learning solution in one day. 

Who’s running the workshop?

Jo Sayers has 14 years experience in the ELT industry. Since joining ELTjam five years ago, he has focused on product management, managing technical product builds and on developing exciting partnerships with technology companies and software developers.

Lucy Williams has worked in digital education since 2006, developing blended, online and mobile learning products for ELT publishers and startups. She specialises in learning design and agile content creation and loves helping teams unlock ideas and get projects off the ground quickly.

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Workshop 2. Video & Story 

How do you use video in your classroom? Jamie Keddie has been asking teachers this question since the launch of YouTube in 2005. Videos can offer a fantastic opportunity for learners and teachers alike. Not only are they often authentic, but they are mostly free and easy to use. 

Yet there is often a tendency to prioritise form at the expense of content: to focus on the video and neglect the story that it offers. 

This workshop explores the practical principles of storytelling and how to apply them to video activities. You’ll leave with lots of new ideas for using video and story to engage your students and get them thinking, speaking, reading, writing, problem-solving and more. 

Who’s running the workshop?

Jamie Keddie is a teacher trainer, writer and presenter. Originally from Scotland, he’s now based in Barcelona. A well-known face in the world of ELT, he is an Oxford University Press author and the founder of Lessonstream, a popular educational resource site for teachers.

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  • Workshop 3: Dyslexia in the Classroom with Martin Bloomfield

This workshop will explore our preconceptions about dyslexia, why these are often incorrect, and how they might negatively impact upon teaching practices. It will give you the tools to understand and spot dyslexia from three angles: cognitive, visual and behavioural, and share some important tips, methodologies, and techniques to build upon an increased understanding and improve results in the classroom.

The session will be interactive and multi-sensory, focusing on practical ideas to help students, but also designed to make the teacher’s life easier. You’ll come away with a robust understanding of dyslexia and some useful and easy-to-apply methods of supporting dyslexic students to fulfil their potential. 

Who’s running the workshop?

Martin Bloomfield has worked in dyslexia awareness for 20 years, speaking on the subject worldwide. He initiated the UK’s national Dyslexia In Business Award, has lectured on the topic to the UK government, and has taught in schools, businesses, and universities. He currently holds visiting lecturer positions in universities in Britain, France, and Germany, as well as delivering teacher training courses at York Associates and running the Dyslexia Bytes project.

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  • Workshop 4: Moving towards sustainable ELT with Jenny Johnson and Loraine Kennedy

Concern about the climate emergency is all over the news. The question is, do we conduct our day to day Language Teaching businesses in environmentally ethical ways that take our local community and the wider world into account?

Learn from two experienced ELT management consultants in this workshop. The session will consider what actions you can take, the obstacles that you might face, strategies for winning colleagues round and talk about how to set the course for a more sustainable approach to teaching and learning. You’ll explore:

  • What environmental responsibility we have. 
  • What the extent of that responsibility is and what we should be doing about it.
  • What language teaching organisations have to gain from increased attention to our environmental impact.

Who’s running the workshop?

Jenny Johnson is a freelance ELT management consultant, with many years of experience training teachers and running language schools both here and in England. She has volunteered in various roles for IATEFL and she is a committee member of LAMSIG (Leadership and Management Special Interest Group). 

Loraine Kennedy has extensive experience of education across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. An independent educational consultant and trainer, she has held senior roles within the British Council and the Bell Educational Trust amongst others. She is also a committee member of IATEFL LAMSIG. 

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