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ITN at iELT19: How to Create and Publish Your Own Teaching Videos

Seasoned online content creator & CELTA teacher trainer, Billie Haase will be joined by professional video producers from multi-award winning London based global media organisation, ITN to workshop, ‘How to create and publish your own teaching videos’.

The experts will be sharing insights, practical tips and success criteria for creating video to be used as both teaching aids and in some cases, additional income. They’ll be exploring what works and more importantly what doesn’t when creating video for language learning with real examples and professional ‘behind the scenes’ advice on making the most out of simple camera or camera phone setups to create your own style ‘brand’ and professional look.

Creating your own videos has proven benefits in archiving a catalog of your best learning techniques while avoiding third party copyright and infringement issues. You no longer need to link to someone else’s YouTube channel – simply create your own for something as simple as giving your students private catch-up or refresher ‘bite-size’ clips to publicly publishing and monetizing your own channels. You can film yourself, create mini-documentaries, animations or any style of video you like with some simple basics explained by the ITN team.

We’ll hear from language expert, Billie Haase on why she started making her own videos, how she decides which content to use and how she films and the ITN team will be setting a fun, practical ‘do it yourself’ pronunciation task with a chance to win some camera phone accessories for the best one to make filming that little bit easier!

Speaking of prizes! The ITN team will also be presenting an Oculus Go 360 headset & £200 cash to the winner of the pre-conference competition sponsored by ITN, Tamara Parsons for the excellent & innovative way in which she uses, ‘The Missing Stick Man’ created by YouTuber ‘lulcapped’ to focus on preposition of movements and to elicit useful language as a group exercise. We love it and the video can be found here if you’d like to see it!



Finally, for those wanted a sneak preview and a chance to bleed the ITN professionals of all their knowledge ahead of the pronunciation challenge, they’ll be hosting a drop-in session on Friday night at the Oxford House venue to answer all your questions 1:1 on creating & using video and demoing some cool 360 VR content on proper headsets.

Details for both sessions can be found here:

Looking forward to an even better iELT conference this year!


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