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InnovateELT 2020

InnovateELT 2020 – Be part of the solution

InnovateELT  – tickets on sale now!

NEW DATES: 18-19th September 2020

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Introducing Innovate ELT 2020: Be part of the solution

The theme of last year’s InnnovateELT conference was Back to the Future. We looked over the last five years and ahead to the challenges that the TEFL industry might face in the future. Six months later and the future is already creeping up on us. Are you ready to Be part of the solution

Future skills

Forward-thinking publishers and educators are exploring ways to equip learners with the future skills they’ll need in our more tech-driven society. Students need to be able to adapt quickly, learn continually and be ready for new types of jobs we can’t yet imagine. 

Valuing ELT professionals

Teachers want to be recognised for their dedication to professional development and deserve to feel respected as professionals. What is the current perception of the English language teachers and what can we, as an industry, do to support our most valuable people?

Climate crisis

Public conversation has evolved considerably in the last six months. Coverage of the climate crisis has intensified, giving new urgency to the ambition of adapting our industry practices to be zero-waste and carbon-neutral. 

There’s a lot to talk about – and even more to do.


Friday 18th September 18:00-21:00

Saturday 19th September 10:00 – late


Oxford TEFL, Barcelona

iELT20 is jointly organised by: ELTjam, Oxford TEFL and Hubbub Labs

Be inspired, be inspiring

Be part of the solution at InnovateELT 2020

These challenges might seem daunting, but we’re inviting you to Be part of the solution. InnovateELT 2020 is an opportunity for our inspiring community of educators to come and explore these issues and challenges together.

The conference will feature insightful and compelling talks from a host of speakers with a range of experiences and backgrounds. You’ll mix with teachers, teacher trainers, managers, publishers and other ELT professionals for robust discussions, practical and productive workshops and open space activities. 

Among other topics, we’ll be looking at:

  • The relevance of our classroom practices to the skills that English language students need for the future
  • Practical ideas for sustainable classrooms, schools and publishers
  • Framing the technological changes in education as part of a wider shift in employment and the environment

Apply to speak now! 

How we run the conference

Be part of the solution at InnovateELT 2020

In the wake of the #ExtinctionRebellion protests and Dan Barber’s declaration at iELT19 that we are in a climate emergency, the conference is going green. We don’t promise we’ll be perfect, but we’re making the following commitments to minimise our environmental impact: 

  • Our open space activities will promote discussion and collaboration
  • All our workshops will be paper-free
  • You’ll have new ways to engage our sponsors: there won’t be any paper material or tote bag gifts this year
  • All catering materials will be recyclable and our food and drink will be ethically and locally sourced. 

Introducing a new event partner

As usual, iELT20 is being organised by digital learning agency ELTjam and Oxford TEFL – an international provider of Trinity and Cambridge teacher training qualifications. But you might also spot a few new(ish) faces at the event. We are excited to introduce our new partner, Hubbub Labs – an educational marketing company based in Barcelona. 

A passport to the future

As educational professionals we are uniquely placed to shape and inspire that future; to be the change we want to see. Our diverse, friendly conference is always buzzing, and we want our attendees to be able to harness that energy and excitement and apply it to their own professional practice. 

As Malcolm X said, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” 

You’ll leave the InnovateELT conference feeling inspired, empowered and prepared for your future, your students’ future and the future of teaching.

Be part of the solution at InnovateELT 2020!

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