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InnovateELT 2020

New Dates: 18th-19th September, 2020, Barcelona

Innovate ELT 2020

Be Part of the Solution

Picture a future where the ELT industry has solved some of the biggest problems we are facing today. 

  • Our students are ready to take on challenging new careers 
  • Our educators feel secure in their roles and valued as professionals
  • Our industry practices have evolved to be zero-waste and carbon-neutral 

But how do we get there? 

Join us at InnovateELT 2020 and be part of the solution.

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InnovateELT COVID-19 Response

We’re sure this won’t come as a great surprise but the organisational team has taken the difficult decision to postpone InnovateELT 2020, which had been due to take place on May 15-16th, 2020. With Spain currently under lockdown, flight cancellations, and the Covid-19 situation still developing, we feel it’s the right thing to do to protect your health and prevent further spread of the virus.  The conference “Be part of the Solution” will now be held 18th-19th September 2020 at Oxford TEFL, Barcelona. Additional information for speakers If you have been confirmed as a speaker, we will still be delighted...
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iELT20 Friday Workshops: this year’s lineup 

Make the most of your iELT20 weekend Our inspiring pre-conference Friday workshops at IELT2020 are confirmed! With the conference programme being announced soon, we wanted to give you a little taster of what’s to come. When?  9.30 am to 2 pm on Friday 18th September Where? Oxford TEFL, Barcelona,  Diputació 279, 08007 Barcelona These four-hour workshops are a chance to explore an area of education in depth, with the guidance and expertise of an industry professional. You’ll come away with the practical tools to effect change in your classroom and school community.  With sessions on video and story, learning design,...
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Green Travel: Getting to InnovateELT 2020

At IELT 19, Dan Barber delivered a plenary, declaring that we are living through a climate emergency – and that the ELT industry had a responsibility to take action.  We’re on board with Dan – and are also aware that conferences are not the greenest of things. Nevertheless, they do spark innovation and action. We truly believe that we can create more good in the world by holding this conference and that your ideas will lead to positive, sustainable changes in the industry.  Dan has written this article about minimising your impact on the environment when coming to InnovateELT 2020....
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InnovateELT 2020 – Be part of the solution

InnovateELT  – tickets on sale now! NEW DATES: 18-19th September 2020 Buy your tickets before 31st December for our early bird discount (limited to 25 spots!) Introducing Innovate ELT 2020: Be part of the solution The theme of last year’s InnnovateELT conference was Back to the Future. We looked over the last five years and ahead to the challenges that the TEFL industry might face in the future. Six months later and the future is already creeping up on us. Are you ready to Be part of the solution?  Future skills Forward-thinking publishers and educators are exploring ways to equip...
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Real Talk: #MeToo & EDI in the ELT Classroom

Throughout my 10 years as an ELT educator, I became hyper-aware of the fact that teaching the English language was just one of the things I was teaching. I was doing much more than that. As I became a more experienced educator, I started to unpack everything that my students were unconsciously learning as I was also unconsciously teaching it. It hit me, that I was not just a language educator but also a cultural ambassador to both my country of birth, the United States of America, as well as a representative of “a person of color,” of Puerto Rican/Cuban...
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English Teachers vs Robots: How well does Technology enhance and transform Language Learning?

With millions of paying subscribers, Babbel is one of the most successful language learning apps globally,  connecting learners with diverse language goals through one (digital) learning space. At InnovateELT this year, Geoff Stead, CPO at Babbel, shared some unique insights into the design of Babbel and how it deals with the intersection of learning, teaching and technology. This article is a summary of the keynote session he presented.   Learning from our learners At Babbel we’re really lucky. We have a huge number of learners across the world, logging in to learn 14 different languages with us—and as they learn,...
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Climate emergency declaration for the ELT industry

At last weekend’s Innovate conference I declared a climate emergency on behalf of the ELT industry. The causes of the unfolding global environmental disaster and the threat it presents to our survival and to the living planet will be familiar to you all. You’re probably already changing the way you doing things in your personal lives: walking, cycling and taking public transport more, reusing plastics, eating less meat. But we need to address climate breakdown and biodiversity loss in the ELT industry, too, because it has a significant environmental impact. In this post I’d like to do four things: identify...
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Where’s the fun in that?

This is the transcript (and slightly longer version) of the plenary I gave on May 17th 2019 at the 5th InnovateELT conference.  This year’s theme is Back to the Future and in this talk I look back on the last 12 months of fun and where we might go. Feel free to leave a comment in the box below and thanks for reading. First of all, happy 5th birthday InnovateELT and thank you for inviting me back here to speak again.  Last year I had a lot of fun here, hearing speakers and attendees discuss what fun, delight and challenge...
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